Salma Hayek is looking back on the emotions she felt after seeing herself wearing her “Eternals” costume for the first time. 

The actress stars as Ajak in the new Marvel blockbuster.

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During an interview with “Despierta America”, Hayek explained why she “burst into tears” when she initially put on her superhero outfit. 

“The tears came out and I said, ‘What happened here?’ The image of it did something to me,” she recalled. 

“I saw my brown face…I saw my brown face in a superhero suit,” Hayek continued. “And in seeing my face, I saw your face. I saw my face as a little girl, who had to have a lot of courage to dream big. I saw the face of all the little girls.”

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Revealing how she hopes her turn as a superhero will now inspire other young Latinos to fulfil their dreams, the 55-year-old star added, “Inside that suit were all the Latinos who waited so long for this moment. And not just for the moment that it was Salma — there was no other person for me that could do this character. But for feeling what she felt, for feeling what you are feeling in this moment, and for what all the girls and some boys feel in feeling represented — to be represented…in looking in a mirror and knowing that one can be a superhero.”