Howard Stern has said that Aaron Rodgers should be kicked out of the NFL after controversy surrounding his COVID-19 vaccination status. 

The football quarterback recently tested positive for COVID-19, and it was then revealed last week that despite previously claiming to have been “immunized” against the coronavirus, he had not actually been vaccinated.

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Due to his lack of vaccination status, Rodgers was not able to join the Green Bay Packers in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, as the Chiefs’ stadium requires all players and attendees to be vaccinated.

“I would throw this guy out of the league so fast,” said Stern, while reacting to the controversy on his radio show on Monday, per Rolling Stone

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“This f***ing guy. They should throw him out of the league so fast.”

Currently, the NFL does not require players to be fully vaccinated, though local team rules and ordinances apply. Rodgers’ team, the Packers, do not require vaccinations at their stadium, Lambeau Field.