Ed Sheeran is opening up about a potential collaboration with Adele.

Many music fans have wondered why the British superstars have yet to team up together, and now Sheeran is finally explaining the reason why it hasn’t happened before.

“She doesn’t really collab with anyone,” said the “Bad Habits” singer, while appearing on WKTU’s “Carolina with Greg T in the Morning Show”.

“Her thing is so good that like you don’t want to mess with that.”

Sheeran also talked about how he’s known Adele since before she skyrocketed to worldwide stardom.

“I’ve actually known her for about 15 years,” he shared. “She used to tour with a guy named Jack Peñate. My cousin was the house mate of Jack’s drummer and she used to open up [for them] when she was younger. She used to sit on a stool with a bass guitar and sing, so I ended up seeing her at all these tiny, tiny, tiny shows.”

Revealing how he still keeps in touch with the Grammy-winner, Sheeran continued, “When she obviously went on and had success, I had success about three years later and we bumped into each other and it’s really nice to have someone that you’ve known for that long.”

He added, “I mean I don’t know her super, super well, but you know, we are both British and we have a fair bit in common so yeah, she is lovely. ”