Pete Davidson has yet to address those Kim Kardashian rumours and it doesn’t look like he will do so any time soon.

The “Saturday Night Live” star joked about being in the press a lot recently as he chatted to Seth Meyers on Monday’s “Late Night”.

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Davidson, who has been romantically linked with Kardashian after the pair were spotted on numerous outings together, added his usual humour to the interview and used the rumours to promote his new Tubi show “The Freak Brothers”.

Meyers began, “I want to address something—I feel like I want to confirm if it’s real or a rumour. This is something you’ve been reading a lot about in the press,” as the audience cheered. “We appreciate you doing it here.”

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Davidson went along with the host: “I’ve been wanting to talk about this because there’s a lot of people I walk by, people are, like, whispering and making eyes at me. But it is true.

“I do have a show on Tubi coming out. The Tubi. A lot of people are shocked that I could get on a show like Tubi, but it’s a real thing.”

During his appearance on the show, the comedian also spoke about Taylor Swift coming to “SNL” and what it was like collaborating with Emily Ratajkowski in an ad campaign.