Ed Sheeran and Elton John have a Christmas song on the way.

Sheeran chatted to Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show”, confirming John had convinced him to write a festive track.

“I’ve always been quite against it [a Christmas song]. Not that I don’t like Christmas, I love Christmas, but in terms of doing a Christmas song, you need to chuck the kitchen sink at it.”

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He revealed how they’d written three tracks, including one called “Merry Christmas”. However, he thought he was going to have to change the title given that it’s such a popular holiday phrase.

Sheeran then told Fallon how there actually wasn’t a song called “Merry Christmas”, which surprised him.

“It baffled me. It’s kind of like this glitch in a video game where no one’s thought to…”

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This won’t be the first holiday song John has released — his 1973 track “Step Into Christmas” is a perennial favourite.

Sheeran explained this is what made John want to release another one.

During his interview, the star also spoke about being a dad, helping John get another number 1, and more.