Alicia Keys stresses the importance of balancing family life with her hectic schedule in a new interview with Marie Claire.

The singer, who previously opened up about being pushed to her limit in 2006 in her 2020 book More Myself, tells the mag of her lifestyle nowadays: “I don’t want every single minute of every day accounted for.

“My time is important. I want to have time with my family. I want to raise my kids. I don’t want to always be 60,000 miles away.”

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Alicia Keys. Credit: Yu Tsai
Alicia Keys. Credit: Yu Tsai

However, Keys insists that sometimes she does have to be away from her kids and husband Swizz Beatz and recognizes that if that’s the case, she has to just speak openly about it to them.

The musician will say to her sons, “‘It’s going to feel like I’m not around as much and you’re going to feel it. I’m feeling it, too. It’s okay. This is a season.’ We have to have these types of conversations.”

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She also explains how she and her husband try not to go more than two weeks without seeing other. Despite her being a morning person, she says she makes a point to sleep in late with her other half a few times a month.

Keys shares, “It’s about time for one of those days.”

Alicia Keys. Credit: Yu Tsai
Alicia Keys. Credit: Yu Tsai

Keys talks about creating music during the pandemic, telling the publication: “Everybody was like, ‘Are you just so creative because you have all this time in the house?’ I was like, ‘No, actually. I do not feel like that at all.’

“I didn’t even know how to work. What was I supposed to work on? Where was I supposed to work? And when? It was so much of making sure everything was organized and the kids were good… I started to go back to stream-of-consciousness writing… I was holding so much. You feel claustrophobic. The world is falling apart, and the government is s**t and you’re like, ‘What does anything mean?’

“When I would be able to express those anxious feelings and say I’m falling apart, there would be room for things to come in.”