On Monday, Megan Thee Stallion received Glamour‘s 2021 Woman of the Year award, and praised her late mother, Holly Thomas, in her acceptance speech.

“I am truly humbled to be in such incredible company. I really want to thank my mom. I want to thank my mom because she taught me how to be the woman that I am. She was my best friend, my manager, she was my everything, and I know she’s proud of me today,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks, reported Billboard.

“She was like, ‘Megan I don’t give a damn how many songs you write as long as you get that degree,'” she continued. “So, I said, ‘You know what, I don’t give a damn how many songs I write, I’m going to stay in school because I know my mom and my big momma are watching me and that’s what they would want me to do.'” (She’s scheduled to graduate from Texas Southern University in December.)

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Because of what she was taught by her mother and grandmother, she added, “I never felt unworthy of my success and my womanhood. Because of them, I’ve learned to be competitive with myself and that other women don’t need to lose for me to win.”

She concluded by accepting the award by her given name, Megan Pete, and not her stage name.

“I win a lot of awards as Megan Thee Stallion, but tonight I choose to accept this award as Megan Pete,” she declared. “A soon-to-be college graduate from Houston, a woman who has built a successful career in a male dominated industry, who has earned her respect from people that couldn’t look beyond my public persona. There’s nothing women can’t achieve when we realize there can be more than one female scientist, scholar, poet or rapper. There’s room at the table for all of us, and when there isn’t, we need to make room.”

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Meanwhile, she also shared her “Hottie Commandments” in a new video courtesy of Glamour.

According to the “Savage” singer, “Hotties shall always get they rest when they need it. They shall get they sleep, drink they water, get they sweat in, and keep up their skin routine. Self-love is key, baby.”

She continued by proclaiming, “A hottie shall be the best hottie they can be. They will break glass ceilings and never be controlled. Live outside the box and shatter every rule not made for you. Nothing will ever contain you.”