Everybody has their favourite Tom Hanks movies — including Tom Hanks.

However, the star of such Oscar winners as “Forrest Gump” and “Philadelphia” has different criteria than moviegoers as to what constitutes a favourite, something he explained during a recent appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast”.

“I would not do it according to the way the movies came out,” he noted in the interview. “I’d do it the way of the personal experience I had while doing them.”

That was clear when he singled out “Cloud Atlas” as one of his faves, noting it was a film that was “shot on a hope and a dream and nothing but a circle of love.”

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Added Hanks, “That was the first time I’d ever shot extensively in Germany and I was surrounded by history. But the work itself, we were part of this big, massive ensemble of fantastic people who were just trying to do the hardest, best work on a deep throw… that whole movie was such a deep throw that making it was magical.”

Another all-time fave is “A League of Their Own”, primarily because he got to play baseball for an entire summer, all throughout pre-production and filming.

For this third favourite, he selected “Cast Away”.

“We just had bold adventures when making that movie,” Hanks explained.

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“We were out in the middle of the ocean trying to grab shots. We were out in Fiji and my whole family was with me,” he added. “Nothing but adventures every single day.”