Casting Angelina Jolie in a movie is a sure way to get audiences to watch, but there is one person who likely won’t be watching — Jolie herself.

While chatting on “Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk“, the “Eternals” star admitted she hasn’t seen a majority of her films.

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“No, there’s quite a few films of mine I’ve actually never seen because I like the process,” Jolie said. “I usually see it and I get frustrated because I thought it was going to be something else. So I’m a terrible critic.”

One film she did see was the recently released Marvel film “Eternals”.

“I really just like the making of. But I enjoyed watching this one, I’ve seen it.”

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Jolie stars as head of the Eternals, Thena. The Chloé Zhao-directed film also features Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden, and Lauren Ridloff.