Jamie Foxx and Ellen DeGeneres reminisce over their favourite moments on the host’s show from over the years on Wednesday.

The actor, who has appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” 20 times, reveals the moment that sticks out for him was when he surprised her for her birthday on February 1, 2018.

DeGeneres then shares a clip from the April 5, 2004 episode in season one in which Foxx surprised her with his own rendition of her theme song.

Despite time going quickly, the host jokes their outfits revealed it wasn’t a recent clip.

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Foxx’s latest appearance also sees him show off some of the ballet movies he learned in college.

The star, who has been promoting his new book Act Like You Got Some Sense, then explains how he attempted to stop any “shenanigans” from happening between his then 18-year-old daughter Corinne and her boyfriend during a sleepover while he was filming “Django Unchained”.

Foxx jokes of the story that he tells in the memoir, “That was tough, we had already ran a background check on him and everything like that.”

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He says he eventually agreed to let them sleep in the same room, as long as they didn’t get up to any “shenanigans.”

Foxx shares, “I grabbed the dude and said ‘hey, don’t mess me up,'” adding that he was so worried at 4 a.m. that he’d made the wrong decision that he got up and gave them a little “hotel knock.”

He tells DeGeneres, “My heart sunk. He’s laying on top of the covers fully dressed.”