Ed Sheeran may be one of the world’s bestselling music artists but he still feels like an outsider in the pop industry.

Sheeran said on “The Breakfast Club” Tuesday: “I’m not accepted by my genre.

“I thought it was quite telling that my album came out and the only people that emailed me in-depth about liking it were, like, Dave and Stormzy and people from the U.K. rap and U.K. grime scene.”

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He went on, “My peers largely, I feel, in the pop scene often don’t want me to succeed… I’ve never felt accepted by my scene.”

The musician brought up Phil Collins as a comparison, sharing how, in the ’80s and ’90s he was considered quite uncool, but the hip-hop scene love him.

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Charlamagne tha God also questioned Sheeran on whom he would love to write for.

“Rihanna is always the benchmark,” the British star said.

“That’s how ‘Shape of You’ was created, that’s how ‘Love Yourself’ with Justin Bieber was created.

“She’s got such great taste in songs… You can’t say what Rihanna’s style is—it’s just good tunes. So when you go in the studio to create a song, always we go, ‘What would Rihanna do?’ So she would be someone I’d always love to work with, and write with or for.”