Kelly Clarkson has a lot of hits under her belt, and one of her biggest is her 2004 single “Breakaway”, the title track from her album Breakaway, which hit No. 1 and spent 64 weeks on the Billboard charts.

What many fans might not know, however, is that “Breakaway” was actually written by Avril Lavigne, initially intended for her debut album but ultimately not making the cut.

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, Lavigne spoke with Audacy Check, and revealed how her song wound up becoming a hit for Clarkson.

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“Oh my gosh. Isn’t that crazy? ‘Breakaway’ was a song that I worked on and co-wrote for my first album, Let Go. I just didn’t like it,” she said in the interview.

“It was like a ballad. I was just like, it feels like a church song. I was just not there,” she said of the song, which Clarkson took in a whole other direction.

“It went to Kelly Clarkson, and I’m pretty sure it went No. 1,” said Lavigne.

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“She has an incredibly strong, beautiful voice and an insane range,” she said of Clarkson. “She took that song to the next level and f**king owned it, so that was cool. On my last tour, I actually added it to my set list for the first time,” she added, confirming that she’d love to perform it as a duet with Clarkson at some point.