Marc Anthony is bringing lovers together.

This month, the singer invited a couple onstage to help the man, Denis Leborgne, propose to his girlfriend Liz in front of the crowd at one of his concerts.

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“Thank you to the Maestro Marc Anthony, for his kindness and for his willingness to allow us to have this magical moment that we shall cherish forever,” Leborgne wrote in the caption of a YouTube video.

Speaking to TMZ, the man said that Anthony is his fiancée’s favourite singer, and that she had never seen him perform live before.

He reached out to Anthony’s team more than a year ago to set up the proposal, though plans were delayed due to the pandemic.

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Thankfully, with tours kicking off again, Nov. 5 became the date for Leborgne to pull off his plan, which went off perfectly.

When the couple arrived at the concert, they were given VIP passes, which already had Liz shocked. Then, during the concert, Anthony pointed to them and invited them up on stage.

Leborgne got down on one knee, which had Liz over the moon and speechless. Of course, she accepted the proposal and the two shared a big kiss in front of the cheering crowd.