Getting starstruck in front of Beyoncé is perfectly normal.

Appearing Thursday night on “Watch What Happens Live” Emily Ratajkowski revealed her embarrassing moment meeting the pop icon at the Met Gala.

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Saying she “never recovered,” Ratajkowski explained that she had been talking to Solange Knowles, who asked if she wanted to meet her sister Beyoncé.

“I totally embarrassed myself,” the model recalled. “I was like, ‘No man has done what you have done with Lemonade.’ I had had like a little bit of champagne and I just decided to go for it, and it was wrong.”

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The moment was so awkward that it actually changed how Ratajkowski approaches talking to other celebrities at the Met Gala.

“She was so nice, of course, because she’s used to people losing their minds, but I’ve never lived it down, or recovered,” she said. “I just keep it together now at the Met. I’m like, ‘It’s all right, we don’t have to say hi to that person. We’ll be fine.’”