If you need Ryan Reynolds, he’ll be on dad duty for the next little while.

The “Red Notice” actor is taking a break from acting until “at least summer of 2022″ to spend time with his family, including wife Blake Lively, and their three young daughters: James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2.

“You can’t say you’re doing that without recognizing the obscene privilege it is to be able to do that,” Reynolds told Fatherly in a recent interview.

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“Part of it is to allow Blake to do some of the things that she wants to do and get to play in her own sandbox. And the other part is purely selfish. It’s just that I don’t want to miss this time. You don’t get this time back. And my kids are in school now, so they can’t travel with me to location. I have to be there. So it’s important and I’m super lucky I get to do it,” said Reynolds.

The 45-year-old dad thinks “it’s going to be nice” even though his house is “quite literally a circus all the time” with three young girls. 

“There’s always something going on. There’s always some extracurricular thing that the kids are doing, that sort of thing. So, yeah, I’ll be there doing all that stuff,” Reynolds said. But the main thing is that he’s “there for [his] kids in the morning and night and [he’s] getting up with them and putting them to bed at night.

“Those are not things that should feel special in any way, shape, or form.” 

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He also gave insight into his parenting with Lively.

“We look at everything like we share everything. We’re friends first and foremost, and that’s the biggest part of it. But I’m a working dad, she’s a working mom, and we trade off and we make sure that we each have time for each other and we also have time for our kids. And that’s the work you do. And that’s part of the job. I think that’s the thing we love,” the actor explained.

Since the “Free Guy” star will be home, the kitchen may or may not be getting a treat, as Reynolds said he is “going to experiment with [his] cooking abilities again.” And if you were ever a guest in his home, maybe — just maybe — you can sample his pizza. 

“I got this little mini pizza oven. I’ve been making pizza. I love making pizzas. That’s a lot of fun. It’s outside. It’s getting a little cold in New York, but still, I’d probably make something like that for you,” the actor told Fatherly. 

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Fans can watch Reynolds one last time before his acting hiatus in his new film “Red Notice,” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The two have known each other for over 20 years and according to Reynolds, they have “a ton in common,” including the fact that they both have three daughters and are both “liquor magnates.” “Red Notice” is available to stream on Netflix on Nov. 12.

While it may be sad to know Reynolds won’t be filming anything for the next few months, the actor explained that he’ll still “be in development on tons of stuff and working during the day” while his kids are at school.