Watch history get made at Abbey Road.

On Friday, Disney+ debuted a preview clip from Peter Jackson’s upcoming three-part documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”.

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Created using hours of footage from the British band’s “Get Back” sessions, the series takes fans reveals how the lads from Liverpool recorded what would become their final album, Let It Be.

In the clip, the band rehearsed the Paul McCartney-penned classic “I’ve Got a Feeling”, with Ringo Starr, dryly remarking after singing the chorus, “Is that one called ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’?”

On Sunday, “60 Minutes” will air a segment on the documentary, talking to Jackson about what drew him to the project.

Describing the footage of one of the band’s final collaborations before splitting up, Jackson says, “I was watching, I was waiting for it to get bad. I was waiting for the narrative that I’d believed over the years to start happening… the arguments… discontent. Waiting for the misery. And, you know, it didn’t happen…These are not guys that dislike each other…”

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The director even showed the footage to surviving band members McCartney and Starr, reminding them of the good times.

“I’m talking to Ringo and Paul. And their memory was very miserable and unhappy and I’d say, ‘Look, whatever your memories are, whatever you think your memories are, this is the truth of it. And here, look,'” Jackson says. “[Paul and Ringo] started to realize… this is an incredibly amazing historical document of the Beatles at work. And four friends at work. And clearly, they’re four friends.”

Jackson also promises plenty of surprises for Beatles fans in the documentary.

“After 50 years, you’d have every right to believe that everything with the Beatles had been talked about… every film had been seen, every bit of music had been heard and there was no more surprises with the Beatles,” he says. “And suddenly, bang, out of nowhere comes this incredible treasure trove of fly-on-the-wall material 52 years later. It still blows my mind.”