The ’90s biggest teen sex comedy was sex-free behind the scenes.

In a new interview with Page Six, actress Tara Reid looks back on the 1999 hit “American Pie” and revealed that there wasn’t actually any hanky-panky between cast members.

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“Not one of us hooked up with anyone,” she said. “I can put that on the record.”

She explained, “[For] a lot of people, it was their first movie. And we became more of like a family, and brother and sister. It’s, like, you wouldn’t date your brother. There was just this certain amount of respect and no hooking up at all.”

Reid added, “When you do a movie, it’s not about that. It’s about making a great film with each other and keeping the chemistry.”

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Reid was also asked about the possibility of reuniting with the cast for a fifth in the “American Pie” series.