When thinking of Kenny G, aside from his musical talent, the first thing that comes to mind is his signature hairstyle. But what does he do keep those curls locked in place?

Apparently, washing his hair once every three weeks will do the trick. The 65-year-old saxophonist revealed his hair care regimen during a recent interview with Page Six

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“It doesn’t get dirty,” Kenny said, but “I’m a clean guy,” he clarified.

The smooth jazz musician also said there are no expensive products involved in the styling of his hair.

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“Unfortunately, I don’t have any endorsements. So, I don’t gain anything by using them, other than they’re the right thing,” he said, while admitting that he simply uses Pantene shampoo and MOP (Modern Original Products) defining cream.

The musician is the focus of a new HBO documentary, “Listening to Kenny G”, which debuts on Dec. 2.