Oprah and Adele wound up wearing matching neutral suits in the upcoming “Adele One Night Only” special, but that was not actually the plan.

“I was so excited to meet Adele for the first time. Even though I have a closet full of clothes and haven’t been anywhere in two years, I wanted something special for the interview in my rose garden,” Winfrey reveals in an interview to Oprah Daily. “I thought something in a shade that matched the background of the flowers would be perfect.”

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In 2020, Jennifer Lopez joined Oprah in her 2020 Vision tour in a Sally LaPointe suit that she fell in love with, so Winfrey initially envisioned wearing a suit in a similar shade of apricot.

However, as soon as the hostess saw the white suit Adele planned to wear, she realized her mistake.

“I thought, Whoa, I’m going to look like a parrot next to her,” she recounts. “Oh my God, everybody went to the trouble to get this suit made, and now she’s going to be in a neutral color. I don’t want to stand out like a peacock.”

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The apricot dress was quickly scrapped and Oprah went through her closet for something more neutral — a cream-colored Brunello Cuccinelli jumpsuit.

When she saw the way the scene was framed, she realized it was the right call.

“The crew ended up blocking out all the colored roses, so you can only see the white ones. I would have looked like a peacock for sure. In the end, our neutral suits looked perfect together.”

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Oprah teases that she is not done with the apricot suit just yet. “Oh, and keep an eye out for the apricot suit — it may just make an appearance one day.”

“Adele One Night Only” is set to air on Nov. 14 at 8:30pm ET/8pm PT on Global and CBS.