The stars of “House of Gucci” are very proud of their “clever” sex scene.

On the new “Graham Norton Show” this week, the host welcomes Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, and remarks on what he calls, “One of the best sex scenes I’ve seen in forever.”

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That prompted Gaga to reach out to Driver for a fist bump, which had Norton laughing.

Explaining that he found it to be a very “clever sex scene,” the host asked, “Did you guys put that together? Did Ridley Scott put that together?”

“We had nothing to do with it,” Gaga joked, gesturing to Driver.

Moving on, Norton said, “And of course, it’s not just you in it. Other screen legends, Jeremy Irons—” but was interrupted by a shocked Gaga asking, “In the sex scene?”

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Laughing, the host played along, “Jeremy was particularly good. He was great.”

“He was behind the camera,” Driver joked.

Putting on an Italian accent, Gaga said, “Why are you having sex right now?”