Paul Rudd proudly discussed being named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive as he chatted to Stephen Colbert on Monday’s “The Late Show”.

The actor made his way to the stage in a sash and tiara, before Colbert congratulated him on the title and showed him some of the headlines praising People‘s decision.

The Guardian ran a headline which read, “Do you fancy Paul Rudd? You’re either a sociopath or a liar if you say no.”

Rudd joked, “I would like to thank The Guardian, first of all, for hiring my mom.”

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Colbert also mentioned that Page Six, which is operated by the New York Post, incorrectly ran a piece before the news was announced claiming Chris Evans would be receiving the honour.

The New York Post later ran the headline, “Sorry, Paul Rudd is many things — but Sexiest Man Alive is not one of them.”

“Hey, that might be the first thing I ever read in the New York Post that I agree with,” Rudd responded. “That’s not fake news.”

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Colbert also questioned Rudd about whether Seth Rogen’s tweet about him giving him a massage in Las Vegas was correct.

Rudd insisted, “That totally happened, that’s true,” before he invited Colbert to lie on the desk so he could give him a much-needed massage.

The host proceeded to ask the star about his new movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” while lying on the desk.

Colbert laughed, “Paul you know what this is? This is really sexy.”

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