If it were up to Ryan Reynolds, “Red Notice” would have been a little different.

On Monday, the actor shared a video on his Instagram, tying the Netflix blockbuster in with the “Antiques Roadshow” universe.

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“The #RedNotice scene I wish I’d shot,” Reynolds captioned the post.

In the video, Reynolds, in character as “collector” Nolan Booth, brings the Cleopatra egg from the film to “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser Lark E. Mason.

“Yes. It’s an egg,” Reynolds says, when asked to talk about the artifact.

“And what’s its family history?” Mason asks, to which Reynolds responds, “Well, no. This is not a family heirloom. My family disowned me years ago. They don’t like me. But this is more of an heirloom that my good friend at the museum lent me. He’s not aware that he lent it to me.”

Talking about the fictional egg’s history, Mason explains, “German soldiers had taken it to a secure hideaway. And there it remained up until recently.”

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Of course, all Reynolds cares about is how much the egg is worth, and Mason reveals it would go for $100 million at auction.

At the end of the video, Reynolds presents another artifact to an “Antiques Roadshow” expert: a half-eaten bagel.

In the comments on the Instagram post, former Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page said, “Lark E. Mason? NOW I’m star struck.”

“Red Notice” also stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.