Kieran Culkin has made a tradition out of having babies before making appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

On Tuesday, the “Succession” star sits down with Ellen once again, and the host congratulates him on recently having his second child.

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Culkin points out that each time he’s appeared on the show, it’s with news of a newborn baby, but then notes that unfortunately the tradition can’t continue with it being Ellen’s final season.

“Did you want to have more?” she asks, to which her guest says, “We did.”

Ellen responds, “All right, then I’ll come back.”

The host asks why it took Culkin and his wife Jazz seven weeks to come up with the name Wilder Wolf for their baby boy.

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“We found it in the hospital the day that he was born, and we thought, That’s great, but instead of pulling the trigger on it, let’s torture ourselves for about seven weeks, disagreeing with names before we come around to the name that we picked,” he explained.

Culkin also said that they came up with the name after spending most of their time in the hospital focusing on girls’ names, only to be surprised that they had a boy.