Angie Smith’s Denim Do …or Don’t?


As a self-proclaimed fad and trend connoisseur, I can get a wee bit stressed when I overindulge in a particular product. This Spring, I’ve totally embraced coloured jeans giving Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson a run for their money. In fact, most of the women at ET Canada are on board with this one. It’s as though a bag of Skittles erupted at our desks.


Now, I recently did a talk at GAP about updating wardrobes and naturally I pushed my favourite piece. Then it dawned on me – what if these glorious things are a “must not” in a few months?  Will I look like a contender for “What Not to Wear”; if I still rock my red pants post Labour Day? Am I spreading horrendous misinformation by pushing playful pants?


Thankfully, Jason Trotzuk of Canada’s own Fidelity Denim calmed my nerves. Although his current line is full of juicy pops of bright greens and pinks, rest assured we’re still going to see colour as the seasons change. Expect new textures, like that waxed denim and corduroy with added zippered bottoms and the blessed mid-rise.

But as far as blue jeans go – they’re still taking a back seat to rust, eggplant, navy and teal. At least for now.





Angie Smith



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