Jennifer Lawrence will soon be seen in “Don’t Look Up”, the comedy-drama from writer/director Adam McKay (“Vice”), part of an all-star cast that also includes Timothée Chalamet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill and Ariana Grande.

In the film, Lawrence and DiCaprio star as two low-level astronomers who must embark on a giant media tour to warn humanity of an approaching comet that will destroy the entire planet.

In a new Vanity Fair video interview, Lawrence breaks down the “Don’t Look Up” trailer with her own scene-by-scene commentary, including a discussion on the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction caused by her character’s nose ring.

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“In part of my research for the film, I spoke to a female astronomer,” she says of her character, astronomer Kate Dibiasky. “We kinda decided that Kate is the type to be fierce and ‘notice me, hear me roar, rat-tat-tat’ kind of lady. And the nose rings… one just kind of hangs in; one is a magnet. And many, many times I accidentally inhaled said magnet and had to spit it out in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

When Streep (who plays the president) is seen onscreen, Lawrence jokes that the three-time Oscar winner “was our last choice… Unfortunately, so many other actresses passed, and we ended up with Meryl Streep.”

As for Hill, Lawrence admits it was “really, really hard” to work with Hill without “ruining take after take laughing” while shooting scenes together.

“We one time dedicated an entire day to him just improvising insults at me,” she recalled. “It was amazing. He’s a comedic master.”

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“Don’t Look Up” premieres in select theatres on Dec. 10 before debuting on Netflix on Dec. 24.

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