Canada is known to be a welcoming country, but hopeful Americans wanting to cross the border will have to look elsewhere Ryan Reynolds says.

In a new segment on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” titled “You Have To Stop”, the actor pretended to complain about a few things from whispering “That looks good” after every movie trailer to Daylight saving time creating unnecessary hatred for farmers.

Among his complaints was the plea for Americans to stop threatening to come to Canada.

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“You have to stop saying that you’re going to move to Canada whenever you’re mad at something in the U.S.,” says Reynolds.

“As a Canadian, I’m sorry, but we can’t,” he continues. “I know we’re friendly, but Canada’s not your safehouse.”

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Referencing the difficulty of crossing the border in the pandemic, he adds, “I mean, we barely let Canadians into Canada anymore, so please, pick somewhere else.”

To persuade Americans, Reynolds offers an alternative location: “I hear Finland is really lovely this time of year.”