Erin Napier thought she was sharing a sweet sentiment about husband Ben, her co-star on HGTV Canada’s “Home Town”, but found herself caught up in unexpected controversy.

It all started when Napier shared a photo on Instagram of the couple’s daughter snuggling with her husband, with whom she welcomed a second daughter earlier this year.

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“Tonight he told her ‘A man’s job is to keep girls safe, to cherish and protect them.’ Dangit if we didn’t hit the jackpot in this house,” she wrote in the caption.

While Napier received much praise for her post, she was also hit with some backlash from those who feel it’s the responsibility of both men and women to keep their children safe, male or female, and that statements like that encourage women to be reliant upon men.

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Eventually, she issued a response. “Well, she’s three. And we’re teaching her about finding her strengths,” she wrote.

“One important thing we’re teaching her is that her parents are a team who rely on each other, and she can rely on her family.” she added, concluding, “Maybe when she’s four she can go out and start a company or something.”