Sarah Snook’s acting skills totally fooled Ellen DeGeneres.

On Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes the “Succession” star and starts off by bringing up her real-life accent.

“We met briefly at the Golden Globes a few years back, and I had no idea that you were Australian,” DeGeneres says.

“Well yeah, turns out I am,” Snook says. “I may sound American, but I’m definitely Australian.”

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The host also wonders what it’s like for Snook to work with Matthew Macfadyen, who plays her husband on the show and is British.

“I try and stay in it a little bit when I’m not doing a scene, as much as I can, at least,” Snook reveals. “But then when we’re off, he’s British and I’m Australian, so I slip into his accent by accident, not even my own. So I’m doing American and British, but not even Australian on set.”

The actress also reveals that she’s conscious about not letting the American accent take over her daily life, “because I still want to be able to walk down the street in Australia.”

And with Snook appearing virtually from Australia, DeGeneres has her play a special game of “Drawer Dash Down Under”.

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At one point in the game, Snook has to show off the best gift her husband has ever given her, so she runs off and brings back an Emmy Award made out of tin foil.

“I got nominated,” Snook explains, “and we were in Australia at home in lockdown. And he’s like, ‘What if you win?'”

So he made her the fake Emmy just in case, which she has stuck onto a model lighthouse.