Mariah Carey’s smash Christmas hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” tops the charts every holiday season, but now the singer is revealing it almost didn’t happen.

Speaking on “The Bobby Bones Show” virtually, Carey explains that originally, she wasn’t sure about doing holiday music.

“This was the beginning of my career and I had only done, I think, two albums at that point… I felt like it was too soon,” she tells Bones. “Because growing up, it was like, most people did that later on.”

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Carey’s love for the holidays drove her to give it a shot.

“And then I was like… I love Christmas, a lot, so I might as well try. So I just wrote ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,” she says.

The singer wanted it to “feel like a timeless classic.”

Christmas was never a great time for the singer, so she decided to write about the perfect Christmas instead.

“I had kind of a tough upbringing, so we never had a lot of things that most kids had,” she explains. “I really wanted that perfect Christmas. It was just in my mind and it always got ruined.”

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Reflecting on the song’s success, Carey says that seeing people’s enthusiastic reactions gives her “goosebumps” and that she’s glad people enjoy her song since it helps put her in a “festive mood”.

Not one to rest on her laurels, the queen of Christmas is putting out new holiday music this year in collaborative track “Fall in Love at Christmas” with Khalid and Kirk Franklin. She says she wants this one to be distinct from “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

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“I wanted to write a new Christmas song that’s different from ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, obviously, I can never really compete with that,” she explains. “That song took on a life of its own.”

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