Lady Gaga may be on the road to Oscar, but she wasn’t always such a pro at landing acting roles.

The “House of Gucci” star is on the new cover of The Hollywood Reporter, and in the latest issue she looks back on trying to make her way as a young actor early in her career.

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“I was terrible at auditioning. I was so bad. I could never get a role. I used to just freeze,” Gaga says, remembering one particularly mortifying audition for a LensCrafters ad that she definitely did not land.

“I would stand there and go, ‘Oh my God. Ah! You gotta do this perfect. I’m not making my dad proud.”

Of course, since those early days, Gaga has become an international superstar, which has brought with it its own challenges.

“I made a trade when I decided to pursue my career in the way that I have,” she says of achieving fame. “I didn’t know what that trade was going to be, but it happened. And in a lot of ways, I feel like I’ve lost everything.”

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One of the biggest moments in Gaga’s career came earlier this year, when she sang at Joe Biden’s inauguration as President of the United States.

“For that performance, it was through Stefani, meaning myself,” she says, referring to her real name, Stefani Germanotta. “And in the world that all went through the last four years together, with Donald Trump. In a lot of ways, I thought to myself, ‘How could I possibly be patriotic?’ I remember thinking that we were at war. And this was a war song. Singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ 5 feet from Mike Pence, 4 feet from George W. Bush, 10 feet from the president-elect, I really realized while I was up there, ‘Oh, that’s right. Not everything is like Donald Trump. We can all be seated in the same place together and be civilized and move forward.’ And I found peace in that. I found that to be orderly. Kindness can be orderly. The government’s not perfect, but we can learn how to behave better.”

Talking about her difficult role as Patrizia Reggiani in “House of Gucci”, Gaga admits, “I was falling apart as [Patrizia] fell apart. When I say that I didn’t break character, some of it was not by choice. I took the pain I feel from being attacked when I was a young girl, from feeling left behind by people that I love, from feeling trapped that I can’t go out into a world that I love. I took that pain, and I gave it to her.”