Alicia Silverstone is revealing the “way harsh” truth about what happened to her “Clueless” wardrobe.

The iconic 1995 movie features a ton of memorable outfits, but Silverstone admits that she wasn’t as fashion forward as her character, Cher Horowitz, at the time.

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“I wore a green t-shirt everyday with jeans,” she recalled in a new video chat with Glamour.

“I had 64 costume changes and I had no patience for it. I don’t even remember if I thought it was cute, maybe I was like ‘oh that’s cute,” but I just didn’t have a fashion sense.”

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Silverstone also remembered how she took a lot of the clothes home after she wrapped filming on the movie. 

“And I tried to wear them in real life, then I realized ‘I’m not Cher,” she continued. “I still wanna just put on some jeans and a t-shirt and my tennis shoes.’ I didn’t find a way to use those in my real life and I gave them all away.”

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However, Silverstone says that she’s managed to become less “ensemble-y challenged” with age.

“But over time I have grown to really appreciate fashion and the art of it and as long as it’s done responsibly,” she added. “For me it’s important that clothes are eco.”