Lil Nas X’s appearance on “Maury” has finally arrived, and it’s even crazier than fans could have imagined.

First teased last week, the episode features the “Old Town Road” rapper — identified as Montero — and boyfriend Yai confronted by Yai’s wife, and her allegation that Yai is the father of her 4-year-old son.

Host Maury Povich sets up the scenario: Montero and Yai were football teammates when “a steamy romance” ensued, until one day Montero showed up at Yai’s home unannounced to surprise him with a dozen roses, only to be greeted at the door by Yai’s wife, Ashley.

This is followed by the usual “Maury” shenanigans as Montero and Ashley hurl insults at each other and begin scuffling until it’s finally time for the big reveal: is Yai Ashley’s baby daddy?

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“Yai, you are not the father,” Povich intones, sending Ashley running backstage in horror. Even more surprised is Yai, who’d thought the child was his, leading to an angry confrontation with his wife.

There was one more question to be answered: does Yai want to be with Montero or Ashley? Yai chose Montero, with the results of a lie detector test he took earlier indicate his answer was truthful, as was his declaration to wanting a committed relationship with Montero. Then, Yai makes it official by dropping to one knee and offering an engagement ring.

But wait — Povich has one more lie detector result to reveal when he asks Yai if he’s had “sexual contact” with anyone other than Montero and Ashley; Yai answered no, “but that was a lie,” Povich declares, revealing the number is “more than 10 different people.”

This time it’s Montero who storms off, running through the halls and eventually out on the street, leaping away in slow-mo while his hit “That’s What I Want” plays as the episode concludes.

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Of course, the even bigger question remains: is any of this for real?

The show put that to rest with a disclaimer at the end of the episode, reading, “The ‘Montero’ segment is a collaboration Lil Nas X and ‘The Maury Show’ for entertainment purposes. The storyline is loosely based on the music video ‘That’s What I Want’ by Lil Nas X.”