Riz Ahmed is facing off against nefarious alien invaders in the new trailer for “Encounter”, a sci-fi thriller heading to Amazon Prime Video.

In a new trailer for the upcoming feature, Ahmed plays a military veteran in a world plagued with parasitic aliens that take over their human hosts, making it nearly impossible to distinguish friend from foe.

“A decorated Marine goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sons from an unhuman threat,” reads the film’s synopsis. “As their journey takes them in increasingly dangerous directions, the boys will need to leave their childhoods behind.”

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Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

As Ahmed told Variety, he knew he wanted the role the first time he read through the “Encounter” script.

“It had to be on the page. And it was a page-turner,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘This is amazing! Oh my God!’ And as things continue to be revealed in these very organic, transcendent moments for me — I just knew that I wanted to be a part of it.”

“Encounter” comes to theatres Dec. 3 before debuting on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 10.