Christie Brinkley is a staple in the fashion industry and is opening about how she has watched it grow and change.

Thanks to daughter Sailor, Christie admits she become more careful about the words she picks.

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“For instance, when I refer to certain foods as fattening, my daughter Sailor will say to me, ‘Mom, please don’t use that word. A more positive way of wording it is to say, ‘That food is not healthy for me’ or ‘It’s not going to provide me with the fuel that I need,'” Christie told Westlake Malibu Lifestyle magazine.

Sailor has been open in the past about overcoming an eating disorder.

“I’m so f**king sick and tired of the Photoshop 👏🏼,” Sailor said on Instagram last year. “I’ve been so down on myself recently. Crying about my cellulite, letting the fat on my body ruin my day, getting mad that I’m not as skinny as I once was.”

Sailor continued, “As I come into myself as a young woman my body shifts and changes by the month, the ‘control’ I felt I once had over it has been completely stripped away from me.”

“Young women used to pick up fashion magazines and feel horrible because all the models were reed thin and they looked nothing like the girls who were reading the pages,” Christie told the publication.

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Adding that now, “When you open a fashion magazine, you see people of all different ages, ethnicities and shapes – and that representation is so important.”

“It’s important that we stop comparing ourselves to other women. Everyone is unique. It’s also important that as a society, we stop judging people and that we stop using words that are soaked in negativity.”