Don Johnson has still got it.

This week, the “Nash Bridges” star appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live”, and the host had some questions about the actor’s sex life.

“Can I ask you a question? You’re such a, you’re such a Lothario. Did you, do you, at whatever age you are right now, do you still have the same sex drive that you always had?” Cohen asked.

“Andy… yes,” Johnson admitted.

“Wow. It never goes away, does it?” Cohen remarked, to which Johnson answered, “No. It doesn’t.”

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When the host wondered whether Johnson ever wishes that drive would go away, the actor told him, “I’ve never had that thought. Never once had that thought.”

He added, “It’s awesome. Actually, you actually get better at it.”

“I would think that you have gotten pretty good at making love at this point,” Cohen joked.

Johnson laughed, “I have turned it into a science, yes.”

“Let me ask you a question,” Cohen continued. “Did you ever have a moment in your life where you were single and a woman said to you, ‘I’ve heard great things about you as a lover and I want to be with you.’”

“Uh, I I’ve had that happen,” Johnson said. “Yes.”

Asked if that ever made him feel pressure to perform, the actor said, “No, I never felt any of that pressure because, uh, most of my customers leave satisfied.”

Also in the interview, Cohen asked about Johnson’s relationship with ex Melanie Griffith.

“We talk quite often,” the actor said. “When you have children together… I learned a very powerful lesson, for anybody that’s paying attention out there. When you have a child with someone, whether you’re married or not, you’re with that someone forever. And I’m okay with that. I love Melanie. And we get along, and the kids are healthier because of it.”

Asked what his favourite of Griffith’s films is, Johnson said, “‘Working Girl’ is, well, not only because I adore Mike Nichols stuff. But ‘Working Girl’, that was a great movie for me.”

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Johnson also revealed that due to a COVID-19 scare, he still hasn’t seen his daughter Dakota Johnson’s latest movie.

“The other night, I went to a screening for her movie that she’s got out now called ‘The Lost Daughter’ that Maggie Gyllenhaal directed. And I had to get there a half hour early to get tested for COVID,” he said.

“And so I went in, I got tested and so on and so forth,” Johnson continued. “And then I walked out and then they said, ‘Oh, come on into the theatre and sit down. And we’ve got your seats for you.’ So I walk in, I have my popcorn with Kelly, my wife is with me and we go in and we sit down, I’m eating popcorn, I’m talking to a few people and so on and so forth. And the dude comes in and he says, ‘Mr. Johnson, could you step outside, I want to talk to you.’ I said, ‘No, whatever you got to say, just tell me here.’ And he’s, he gets really nervous. He leans down and whispers in my ear, ‘You tested positive.’ So I went, ‘No, I didn’t.’ He said, ‘Yes, you did.’”

Johnson went on, “So he asked me to get up. I went out and he got to Kelly. I immediately had my assistant to call a second opinion. And of course it was a false positive, but the movie… it was too late. I couldn’t see the movie, so I am dying to see the movie, but I’m still happy to be COVID-free.”