It looks months of shooting to get comfortable enough for “House of Gucci”‘s wild sex scene.

Appearing on the red carpet at the new Ridley Scott film’s New York premiere, star Adam Driver spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the buzzed-about sex scene with Lady Gaga.

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“[Patrizia] very much uses sex as a tool, and I feel like it kind of physically embodies what’s going on between them; he comes from this not necessarily emotionally vapid, but [his life is] not as passionate, and that’s what she brought,” Driver said.

“We blocked it out as we would any fight or any scene,” he continued, “then we just kind of ran it maybe once or twice, and that was it!”

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The reporter also asked Driver about some of the “animal grunting” noises he and Gaga make during the scene and whether they improvised it.”

“We were feeling it, so to speak!” Driver laughed. “Everything I say sounds like a double entendre, but, we winged it! I will say also, at that point, we had been shooting for a month, so we felt very comfortable to go where we needed to go.”