One of Ellen DeGeneres’ most beloved segments is when she tells celebs what to say in public places to unsuspecting patrons.

During Meghan Markle’s time on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show, she got to be one of the lucky ones to prank vendors set up on the Warner Bros. lot.

After telling the Duchess of Sussex to touch her nose and get some squats in, DeGeneres had Meghan head in.

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The first vendor was selling crystals.

“Watch me,” Meghan was told to say as she touched all the crystals.

“I have healing powers. Can you feel my powers?” Meghan asked holding up a crystal to her head and chanting.

Then it was onto hot sauce.

“Let mommy taste some, my boo loves hot sauce,” Meghan said while bouncing up and down.

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DeGeneres instructed Meghan to eat everything like a chipmunk and pull a bottle of milk out of her purse to wash it down.

The mom of two almost cracked when DeGeneres had her tell a joke to the cookie vendor with no punchline.

After once again eating the cookie like a chipmunk, Meghan showed the woman “what mommy does” for Lili and Archie.

Pulling out cat ears, Meghan then sang a song about cats, meowing along the way.

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