Michael Bublé is opening up about his son’s cancer battle.

The Canadian singer spoke to Kate Garraway on Smooth Radio about how he lives a “deeper life” following Noah’s, 8, diagnosis.

“It’s been almost five years, so we still have the scans and the ‘scanxiety’, you know what, I think he’s much better than we are,” Bublé said per Daily Mail.

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“I think for him he’s this normal little boy who knows that he’s a superhero because dad tells him all the time,” he continued. “But for mom and I, I think even though we’re better it’s definitely something that… it’s there.”

He then explained the “strange way” it makes those who have gone through cancer live life differently.

“You know it’s funny I truly believe that when you’ve truly suffered and when you have gone through adversity it gives you an opportunity to live a deeper life,” Bublé said. “Things are tough and we’ve got to be grateful.”

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Bublé went on to recall an encounter with another parent and how it made him realize their experience was helping others.

“I remember I went to a children’s hospital in Vancouver and a mom of a little boy who was diagnosed with cancer she actually came up to me and she started to hug me and she was crying and she said: ‘I have to tell you something even though I feel terribly guilty telling you.’ And I said ‘Ok?’ And she said: ‘When I found out about your son, I was happy.'”

After being taken back, Bublé said the woman replied, “‘No, not because your boy had it because,’ she said, “I thought why me? and when it happened to you too I thought well, if it can happen to him it can happen to anybody.'”