Tyler Hubbard says dealing with the tragic death of his father may have shaped who he is today.

Speaking with his wife Hayley Hubbard on the “In Good Faith” podcast, a joint production between Cadence13, OBB Sound, and SB Projects, the “Florida Georgia Line” singer opened up about the accident.

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“I was…a sophomore in college, went home for the weekend with a couple buddies to go to a Supercross race that me and dad went to every year,” he explains. “And he had taken up flying helicopters, which was a cool hobby because he didn’t have many, his hobby was work, kind of like me a lot of times.”

He recounts the night when it happened, saying, “And…that weekend he had a helicopter crash in the backyard and we were there, which was tough, but also a blessing to be there when it happened. Just one of those freak accidents, very unexpected and it kind of shaped who I was. I was 20 at the time. And so it definitely shook me and it kind of shaped me to be who I am.”

Chelsea Smith and Judah Smith – Photo: Hillary Schupf
Chelsea Smith and Judah Smith – Photo: Hillary Schupf

Hubbard knew the night was significant and he could either grow from it, or look away from it.

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“And I knew this was a big…pivotal moment in my life, and I’ve heard all the stories of people going down different roads after tragic events in their life. And I knew, okay, you can either do this or you can do that,” he recalls, deciding to turn to his faith. “And I kind of made a promise to God in that moment that look, I want to lean on you. I want to trust you. I know you’re in control and I have faith that as much as this is confusing and I don’t understand it, like I really want to do this right.”

Even if the singer found strength through his belief in God, it was still a long struggle for him.

“And it was a process as we all know, but that was ultimately my foundation in getting through it. And it’s been tougher at times than others, but ultimately a lot of good has come from it, you know, and looking back now, it’s what, 14 years?”

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When asked about what he misses most about his father, Hubbard thinks about the milestones and missed support.

“Man, that’s a good question. And I think it’s in those…[big]…moments…[in] life, you know, [having] a baby or [getting] married or even some of the career success along the way or having a tour bus. I remember thinking, man, if he could see a tour bus, like he would flip out,” he thinks fondly. “… I’m just like, man, I wish he could see me now. You know, it’s in those moments.”