Mike Tindall is giving a candid look at marriage to Zara Tindall –Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter.

The former rugby player joined “Loose Women” where he opened up and said that he would be open to renewing their vows.

The two tied the knot in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 30, 2011. Only a few months after Zara’s cousin Prince William wed Kate Middleton.

“A marriage or long-term relationship can’t always be roses and rainbows,” Mike told the television show.

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Mike and Zara share children Mia, 7, Lena, 3, and Lucas, 7 months.

“When you have children, that is a massive shock, change to your system that you’ve never experienced and there is going to be those rocky roads,” he explained via People.

“There are things that are thrown at you that have to test both of you and that will test that relationship. The thing is no one is right, no one is wrong. You have to work through it together.”

When they do have disagreements, Zara will “stay angry” and Mike is the one to suggest “should we have a hug?”

Mike also addressed mental health and the void he felt after retiring from rugby in 2014.

“It was like six months where I really didn’t know sort of where I wanted to go. Zara would probably say it was more like a year,” he added while explaining that he tried to focus on anything other than thinking about the spot.

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“It is difficult,” Mike said. “I went to work every year for 17 years with 35 to 40 of my best mates. I just used to hang around with them, be like typical blokes all day, every day, and then, one day, you wake up and – if you haven’t planned for the future – you wake up and your next six months isn’t planned. It’s not on your fridge, so your wife can see it.”

“Suddenly you’re like ‘well actually I don’t need to get out of bed today. I don’t need to go to the gym.’ And suddenly it’s quite a lonely place to be. And it doesn’t matter how successful your career is,” Mike admitted.

“People think ‘Oh you’ve had such a good career in your sport’ and just think you can walk right on, but it’s more about you mentally not being prepared for that.”