Sandra Bullock has some big aspirations for her daughter.

The mother of two — she adopted son Louis in 2010, and daughter Laila in 2015 — gushed about her kids during an interview with People (The TV Show!).

“I love who they are. Every day I get to see who they are. I am one of the lucky individuals that gets to be around my children all the time and see who they get to grow up and be,” she said.

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“And who they’re growing up to be, I couldn’t be more proud of,” Bullock added.

Her 8-year-old daughter, she continued, “is going to be president of the United States! That’s just a fact.”

She also described how her kids view her. “I’m just the mom,” she said. “When I’m gone, I’m missed, when I’m there, I’m annoying, and that’s exactly the way it should be.”

Asked whether her kids find her “cool,” she admitted, “No, not at all. Not unless I bring home some kind of treat. Last night I came home with donuts. I was so incredibly cool at that moment!”