Jennifer Lawrence will soon be seen in “Don’t Look Up”, the upcoming Netflix dark comedy in which she and Leonardo DiCaprio play astronomers who try to warn the president (Meryl Streep) that a massive comet is on a collision course with Earth and will destroy the planet.

In the film, Lawrence’s character has a tendency to calm her nerves with a toke or two, and in a new interview with Yahoo! Entertainment she revealed she did a little marijuana-fueled method acting by getting high for real.

According to Lawrence, she sought permission to get stoned for a scene, acting opposite Streep, in which her character has no dialogue.

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“Because my character was getting high in the movie,” Lawrence explained.

What she didn’t realize, however, was that her co-stars would use her altered state as an opportunity to mess with her.

“I was a real target,” recalled Lawrence. “Everyone was f**king with me… I guess because I was high. Easy to f**k with.”

Lawrence — who recently announced that she and husband Cooke Maroney are expecting their first child — was also quick to point out that she “wasn’t pregnant” at the time.

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“Don’t Look Up” premieres in select theatres on Dec. 10 before debuting on Netflix on Dec. 24.