Adele wowed a star-studded crowd at her “An Audience With Adele” concert in London, including Emma Thompson.

The special, which aired on ITV on Sunday night in the UK, had Adele performing new tracks off of 30 as well as old favourites. Thompson was spotted dancing during several songs, but when the songstress got to her 2011 hit “Rolling In The Deep”, she just couldn’t remain seated any longer.

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Video captured the two-time Oscar-winner leaping to her feet and encouraging other famous faces like Emma Watson to get up and dance. Dressed in a royal blue dress, the 62-year-old actress enthusiastically throws her arms up in the air, singing along to the track.

Twitter users were quick to celebrate Thompson for unabashedly showing off her moves and love of Adele.

Thompson and Watson were just some of the many A-listers in the audience for the Adele concert. Idris Elba, Dua Lipa, Boy George and Daniel Kaluuya were also spotted among the celeb attendees.