Saweetie is on the receiving end of a sweet gift containing a message, courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The gift is PETA’s response to the singer’s new single “Icy Chain”, which references the organization in the lyric, “Mink on my body like I just went hunting / Tell PETA I’m being 100.”

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As a result, PETA announced that it’s sending Saweetie a faux-fur coat from Apparis with hopes of inspiring her to ban fur from her personal wardrobe.


“We’ll be 100, too: It’s a shame that the icy girl seems to have an icy heart,” said PETA senior vice-president Lisa Lange in a statement.

“PETA hopes that once Saweetie sees how luxurious faux-fur coats are, she’ll ditch the ones made from animals who valued their lives and were tormented and killed for a look that says, ‘I don’t care how others suffer,'” Lange added.

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PETA shared a photo of the coat that will be sent to Saweetie.

Courtesy of PETA
Courtesy of PETA