Connor McDavid keeps it cosy but modern at home in northern Alberta.

The Edmonton Oilers star is featured in Architectural Digest, taking NHL fans on a tour through his sleek, decked-out home, which he shares with girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

“We live in Edmonton, Alberta, which for people [who] don’t know, that is a very cold place,” McDavid informs everyone.

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Built by Design Two Group and featuring interior design by Kyle’s own firm, Kyle and Co Design, the house reflects the couple’s modern aesthetic, as well as their desire for a comforting home in which to relax.

Photo: Colin Way / AD
Photo: Colin Way / AD

The home was built among evergreen trees a little north of the North Saskatchewan River valley.

Featuring an open plan on the main floor, a basement with a lounge, half-basketball court, home gym, and more, the house is a perfect getaway for the highly driven couple.

There are also a lot of TVs in the house, but McDavid and Kyle have tucked them away in unexpected places, including one inside the foot of their bed, and another that comes down over a fireplace in the lounge.

“I like that everything’s hidden,” Kyle says. “Even our bar, we have this brass door that slides over [it]. We really wanted everything to stay clean, but then have a little bit of intrigue. Like, What’s behind?

Photo: Colin Way / AD
Photo: Colin Way / AD

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The upper floor is almost entirely wrapped around by a gorgeous deck, giving McDavid a beautiful view of the river valley.

“It’s a long cold winter here, so any chance you get to be outside, it certainly helps,” he says.