Dua Lipa is giving her fans a closer look at her world.

This week, the global superstar and Grammy Award-winning artist announced the launch of Service95, a concierge service focused on global style and culture, coming to fans in January 2022.

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Inspired by Lipa’s lifelong love of curating recommendation lists, as noted in a press release, Service95 will include a free weekly newsletter, which will feature a personal letter from the singer herself, and highlight “under-the-radar people, pieces of pop culture, travel destinations, hidden gems, and global issues.”

Levitating with excitement over the upcoming launch, the “Don’t Start Now” singer says, “I find huge joy in telling people what I’ve learned about in any given city and love finding connection in our shared experiences. Service95 is going to take that idea and bring it to anyone who’s as curious as I am about life.”

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In combination with the newsletter, Lipa will also debut her “At Your Service” podcast, which will include “deep, thoughtful conversations between [Lipa] and a lineup of high-profile guests.”

As noted in the release, discussions will focus on “pressing global concerns,” in addition to “heartwarming chats between old and new friends.”

Lipa shares, “Though a lot of my guests have done their fair share of talking, I want to go deeper with them. Not only am I probing them about things I’m most curious about, I’m also treating them like the experts they are.”