Michelle Young is still pulling double duty as a reality star and elementary school teacher.

On Tuesday night, the “Bachelorette” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and was asked whether her fifth-grade class find her stardom mind-boggling.

Young told him the students “still have not grasped the concept of it all”: “Honestly, I haven’t either because I was just grading papers before this.”

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She continued, “In elementary school, you run into one of your kids at the grocery store and they’re like, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I’m like, ‘Shopping for groceries! What do you mean?’ It’s, like, believe it or not, we do have to eat!”

That’s when Kimmel joked, “And then, to see your teacher in the fantasy suite like, ‘What are you doing there?'”

Blushing, Young quipped, “I need a man in my life who can help me grade papers and lesson plan, so maybe that’s a really good run-through with that!”

“None of these guys are going to help you with that,” Kimmel told her.

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Young also talks about how she has been supported by the people in her life to balance her work as a teacher with her television appearance.

“Honestly, I feel like, at the beginning, just in the school year, I was very clear with [separating] academics and [my] personal life. My classroom, my kids, everybody — families [and] coworkers — have been super supportive and respectful of that,” she said.

And referencing the fantasy suite again she added, “Two things I try not to think of is, which students are potentially watching those episodes and my dad and thinking about that.”