Ricky Gervais paused a recent stage performance in London when a scuffle broke out in the audience.

As NME reports, Gervais, currently on tour with his “Supernature” show, was performing at London’s SSE Arena on Friday, Nov. 19 when he halted the show when he noticed a fracas taking place in the crowd.

“Keep me informed. What’s going on?” Gervais asked the crowd, as seen in a video shot by a member of the audience. “Any staff? Any staff around?” he asked.

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When someone in the crowd yelled for him to keep on going, Gervais quipped, “What? Carry on? I must be good if I’m better than a fight.”

According to The Sun, a member of the audience claimed that the show was “interrupted three times by people scrapping.”

Meanwhile, another person who was at the show tweeted admiration for the way Gervais handled the tense situation.

“Just watched SuperNature by @rickygervais, the man acknowledged a fight in the crowd, asked staff to intervene turning it into a joke, in the span of two seconds. I am a fan forever.”

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