“A Clüsterfünke Christmas” may sound like a new film where Santa’s getting dirty, but executive producers and former “Saturday Night Live” cast members Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch promise its “wholesome fun.”

“It’s for people who love Hallmark, and people who hate-love Hallmark, and people who love to hate Hallmark. Honestly I know the title is sort of silly, but there isn’t a swear word in it,” Gasteyer told ET Canada. “It’s wholesome, there’s one earnest kiss at the end, it’s along the form, it’s all in good fun, deeply, deeply, Christmas-y. There’s Christmas in every frame.”

“We just hope people find it funny and get a lot of laughs out of it,” Dratch echoed.

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“A Clüsterfünke Christmas” is a celebratory parody of the traditional TV holiday romance that follows Holly (Vella Lovell), a go-getter real estate exec from New York City who heads to a small town to buy the quaint Clüsterfünke Inn and transform it into a mega-resort. First, she must convince the inn’s spinster owners (Gasteyer and Dratch) to make the sale. But before she can, she meets their nephew Frank (Cheyenne Jackson), a hot hunk of smoldering woodsman. Will she go back to her fast-paced city life, or will she fall in love with Frank and find the spirit of Christmas?

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

“We set out to make a perfect parody so the structure was actually incredibly important,” Gasteyer said. “In some ways, the more sincerely we played it, kind of the higher comedy stakes. People actually did stick to the script. There were plenty of funny improvisations as well, but the way these traditional holiday movies build are done in such a specific way and there’s such a blueprint, so we really wanted to nail that.”

Though the film often spoofs classic holiday films with breaking the fourth wall and constant product placements, Gasteyer loves that viewers will still find themselves rooting for the couple throughout the movie.

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“As you pull out at the end, you’re like they’ve literally gone on one date. She’s about to completely upend her life and quit her job and move to the country and basically throw it all away for this one guy, but it’s super romantic in the most old fashioned way. It’s pretty funny,” she said.

“I hope that’s what people take from the movie,” Gasteyer added. “It’s a loving sendup or spoof. We really set out to celebrate that kind of cheesy TV holiday genre at the same time as having a really good time with it. It’s about tradition and it’s about optimism and hope and all those things, wishes coming true, which is what people want to feel around the holidays. And consumerism and waste.”

Since Gasteyer released a Christmas album in 2019 titled “Sugar & Booze”, she especially had fun working with Dratch on new music for the film since they couldn’t afford to use the classic holiday music everyone knows and loves.

“We looked for a lot of the traditional tropes that people do use because these movies are often done on a budget and done quickly and no one can afford the rights to real Christmas music because it’s quite expensive. So we just wanted to take a crack at it like if you can’t afford Mariah Carey, you get Shania Gary, instead of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ you have ‘All I Have For Christmas Is Fruit’ and it’s a great message because it’s about eating healthily through the holidays as well, which we appreciated,” she said.

“And then we recorded two more, one didn’t make it into the movie, but we recorded ‘Jangle Ball Shake’ instead of ‘Jingle Ball Rock’ and ‘Walking Amongst A Christmas Wreath’ by Kendra B, as opposed to ‘Walking Around The Christmas Tree’ by Brenda Lee. We just had fun with that,” Gasteyer added. “If you’re a Hallmark fan, you’re going to recognize a lot of the games we play, and if you’re not, that’s fine too. It’s a Christmas movie.”

“A Clüsterfünke Christmas” airs Saturday, Dec, 4 on Comedy Central.

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