The news surrounding Aaron Rodgers just gets weirder and weirder.

On Wednesday, Nov. 24, the Green Bay Packers quarterback addressed rumours that his toe injury was somehow related tp COVID-19.

It all started when Rodgers — who recently tested positive for the coronavirus and revealed he was declining to be vaccinated — appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show”.

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Discussing his recovery from the virus, he said he wasn’t experiencing “any lingering effects, other than COVID toe.” (Rodgers recently suffered a toe fracture.)

However, Rodgers’ deadpan delivery resulted in some members of the media to not realize he was joking, including a report in the Wall Street Journal that reported on his “COVID toe” as fact.

As a result, Rodgers kicked off Wednesday’s Zoom press conference by taking a question about his toe.

“I’m glad you asked just so I could show you the lesions of my foot here, so if I have enough room on this camera, let me see if I can,” Rodgers said as he lifted his bare foot into the camera frame.

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“Oh, oh there’s no lesions whatsoever. Oh, what a surprise,” he said mockingly. “No, that’s actually called disinformation when you perpetuate false information about an individual. I have a fractured toe.”

Noting that he was expecting an apology from the Journal, Rodgers admitted he did “get a kick out of reading that article. That was very, very interesting, but no, I had never heard of COVID toe before. Pat [McAfee] made a joke about it on the show, and I mentioned yesterday that it’s worse than a turf toe and it must be a bone issue.”